Does Your Boss Have An Outrageous Office?

extravagant offices While you're slaving away in your cubicle, do you resent the fact that your boss has his own office with a bar and bathroom? If this bothers you, you're not alone. A recent survey conducted by office design company Maris Interiors found that 31 percent of employees think the boss of their firm has an extravagant office.

And the luxuries are not just limit ted to fish tanks and comfy chairs -- some posh executive even have saunas and drum kits in their offices, according to the survey.

The most common office excess was fancy artwork, mentioned by 17 percent of employees. One management consultancy mentioned boasts a Picasso; also noted is the major hotel boss who sits beneath an original Andy Warhol. Expensive artworks placed in public spaces within office buildings are not viewed with nearly as much resentment -- in a lobby, everyone can enjoy them.

Five percent of chief executives have gym equipment in their offices, ranging from a few weights right up to treadmills and exercise bikes. One boss at a design firm had an in-suite sauna, and a bank chief was reported to have a rooftop garden complete with hot tub leading from the office. Other unusual items mentioned included a jukebox and an arcade machine. In fact, video game consoles are so common they're hardly considered luxuries any more.

"We're quite surprised by some of these findings," said Maris Interiors Chairman Michael Howard. "I'm not sure I'd want to have a meeting with someone and all the time be picturing them in the hot tub! Or maybe they hold their meetings in the hot tub?" Howard sai.

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