Consumer Ally Scam Alert: Don't Shop on

Updated scam scam

Late last year, we warned readers about a shady Chinese website that fleeced a Consumer Ally reader out of more than $800 -- and now another Consumer Ally reader's been ripped off by a nearly identical site.

The first website,, conned Ellis Koufodontis and countless others by offering brand-name electronics at ridiculously low prices. The catch was their insistence on being paid by wire transfer. Once they received payment, demanded additional money, supposedly so the items could clear Chinese customs. Koufodontis refused to pay, demanded his money back, and received nothing but empty promises to refund him.

Although is sometimes offline, a nearly identical sister site,, is also busy cheating consumers with an identical scam, and recently swindled another Consumer Ally reader out of more than $400 for several cell phones. The victim, a disabled veteran who wishes only to be referred to by her first name, resides in Florida and sent us the following note:

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