Compare and Contrast: Laptop Bags That Fit Your Budget

laptop bag
laptop bag

We're in the thick of January and classes and, sigh, responsibilities. It's time to get back to work.

No more wasting hours on what your folks quaintly call the "the YouTubes" and "the Facepads." Your laptop's newfound mission is to crank out quality reports. You must protect it, care for it, so you can continue to be a functional, productive, superstar student.

You need the best laptop bags (the very little) money (you have) can buy. Something that keeps the computer safe, that's easy to handle, that's professional. (No bright colors, fancy designs kids' or backpack cases. You're going to need a job soon).

We hit up Amazon and looked at a bunch of serious-looking black laptop bags offered up by four popular brands, assessing reviews, prices and the like, to give you a bit of guidance. All information is current as of Jan. 13 but is subject to change.