CityVille: 10 free City Cash for returning players; has the game finally reached its peak?

We all know by know that CityVille is the most popular Facebook game (by far) ever released (topping 100 million players and counting), but apparently the numbers have started dropping off enough for Zynga to become concerned, as they have begun a "come back to CityVille" email campaign, giving away City Cash to users that have stopped playing the game for an extended period of time.

If you haven't played the game in a while, or just played the game long enough to earn the Chocolate Bar in FrontierVille perhaps, Zynga is hoping that by offering you 10 City Cash, the game's premium currency, a value of around $1.50 US, you'll decide to give the game another chance.

No, $1.50 worth of City Cash won't suddenly allow you to take over the entire game, but it is a nice offering from the developer. The more interesting thought here is - how many people must have stopped playing CityVille already for Zynga to become concerned? Have even more players started playing CityVille to take their place? Just how big will this game grow before it stops? With this new "come back to CityVille" campaign, Zynga is certainly trying to ensure that the game never stops growing. We'll make sure to let you know if it works.

Have you played CityVille in the past, but have since stopped? Is 10 City Cash enough to get you to play the game again? Let us know in the comments.