Paradise Close to Home: 5 of the Best Beaches in the US

best beaches in the usa

Last month we clued you in on a few not-to-miss beach destinations for 2011. They are exotic, thrilling, sexy... and not in the good ole US of A. To be fair, there are some fabulous beaches right here in the United States and whether you're a surfer or a sand bunny, East Coast or West Coast, there's one just around the corner. Here are our picks for the best beaches in the US.

Best Beaches in the US: Wildwood, New Jersey
The New Jersey shore gets a bad reputation thanks to Hollywood but it's actually a beautiful place. Wildwood itself is reminiscent of a time gone by when the boardwalk was the epicenter of a town and you could spend all weekend lying on the beach. Go back to a simpler time while kids snatch cotton candy and carnival rides chug along in the background. There's something for the whole family at Wildwood.

Best Beaches in the US:Kemah, Texas
While most people don't think of beaches when they think of Texas, Kemah has a boardwalk to put many others to shame. With dozens of restaurants, shopping boutiques, and activities in Kemah, you could easily spend the day there. But, for sea lovers, take a walk to the marina next door and rent a boat for some time out on the open water.

Best Beaches in the US:South Beach, Miami
Warm waters, luxurious hotels, beautiful people - what's not to love about South Beach? After going through a major renovation, this cozy Miami neighborhood has attracted mega celebs. Everyone from basketball star LeBron James to celeb chef Emeril Lagasse have outposts here. Foodies will want to stock up on fruits from the local farmers markets that pop-up along the beach for a taste of Miami culture.

Best Beaches in the US:East Hampton, New York
New Yorkers only want the best of the best, and that doesn't stop when it comes to their beaches. East Hampton, a little village a couple of hours drive from New York City, has become an outpost for beautiful Manhattanites looking for a little fun in the sun. Its chic beach style has attracted everyone from first ladies like Jackie O. to artists like Andy Warhol. The mix of ultimate sophistication and easy beach nature easily make it one of the best beaches in the US.

Best Beaches in the US:Coronado, California
With a plethora of beaches up and down California's coast why go to Coronado? Coronado is more beach community than swimming outpost. Families, singles and everyone between can come to this sandy enclave of San Diego and spend some time relaxing, listening to the heavy waves. With three world-class resorts, a bevy of top restaurant choices, surfing, shelling and local festivals to-boot, Coronado feels like being home for a day at the beach.

Photo by arturodonate on Flickr.

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