5 Tips for Enjoying a Honeymoon Cruise

honeymoon cruises

Honeymoon cruises are a popular way for newlyweds to celebrate their union, and for obvious reasons: a honeymoon cruise not only sails to romantic destinations, but also creates an air of intimacy on board the ship.

If you plan ahead, you can make your honeymoon cruise an extra-special event. Here are 5 tips for making it the best cruise ever:

1. Choose the right ship and theme for your honeymoon cruise. The ship and type of cruise matter just as much as the destination. A European itinerary might seem romantic, but not if it's on a singles-themed party cruise. Furthermore, you should decide whether you'd like a smaller ship, which might mean fewer amenities, or a large ship, with lots of options. Whatever you decide you'd like, researching ahead of time will mean no surprises.

2. Let folks know you're celebrating. If your cabin steward, dining staff, and even the captain know that you're on your honeymoon cruise, you're likely to see little touches added for romance; a bottle of champagne might be waiting in your cabin, or a card signed by the captain. Additionally, staff can help you cater your cruise so that it's as romantic as you'd like it to be.

3. Take advantage of romantic offerings. A couple's massage, champagne brunch on your balcony... endless options for romantic upgrades await onboard a honeymoon cruise. If you're watching your budget, consider taking advantage of free room service and spend the evening in bed, or maybe take a late-night hot tub after most passengers have gone to sleep.

4. Pack appropriately. Nothing can ruin a romantic honeymoon cruise faster than being unprepared, whether it's for weather, formal night, or allergies. Certain items will be available for rent or purchase on board, but having your own items handy will make things easier, whether it's a swimsuit, heels, a tie, or specific medication. Your cruise line will provide specific dress code guidelines for you to help ensure you don't forget anything.

5. Relax! All the planning and chaos of your wedding is behind you, and now you and your spouse can slow down and enjoy your alone time. Spending intimate time together is why you're on your honeymoon; cruises can facilitate that and make each day a relaxing, romantic adventure.

[Photo credit: Rennett Stowe, via Flickr]
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