Wishful Features: A mission select screen in Cafe World


We've done quite a few Wishful Features now, and even a few in Cafe World, but perhaps no feature is more wanted - nay, necessary - in the game at this point than a mission / goal selection menu.

With new goals launching in the game on a weekly, or even daily basis in some instances, along with new Catering Jobs, building projects, decorations and the like - well, it can get pretty hectic in the kitchen, trying to keep track of which mission to complete next, or even what tasks are required for those goals.

This problem really comes about by the fact that you can have a slew of missions active on your account at once (that is, goals that you have yet to complete), but can only see the icons for three or four of them along the right-hand side of your screen. What if you have more than five goals, or what if you wanted to complete the game's newest goals, but literally couldn't see them because they were covered up by the set of goals that the game automatically displays to you.

Sure, there is a bit of a workaround for this in some cases - if the mission that is hidden contains a portion that you can complete in your own cafe, you can quickly click on the black box that appears in the top left corner of the screen, showing you your progress in that mission, which will effectively force the quest window to pop up for you to view, but if the goal in question contains nothing but collection events, where you'll need to collect items from friends, there is no way currently to make that window pop up. That being the case, there is then no way to complete that mission, as you'll never get to the "ask" button to be able to ask for the items that you need. It's a vicious cycle, as I hope I've made clear.

This entire situation screams for a solution from Zynga, in the form of a mission select screen - a screen that would show you the icons for every single goal you have active on your game, allowing you to click on a particular icon and see that quest's goals. FrontierVille suffered from the same sort of issue earlier this year, and the developer launched a mission select screen in that game, so why can't they add one here? Users have been voicing their opinions on the game's fan page, on the official Cafe World forums, and even right here on Games.com - The Blog! Has all of this attention finally caused Zynga to give us something that is so desperately wanted, and in fact needed in the game? Only time will tell, but we hope that that's the case.

What do you think of the overwhelming amount of missions that are released in Cafe World? Would you use a mission select screen that showed you every active mission at once? Let us know in the comments.