Train City: It's like CityVille ... with more trains


Train City. The name basically sums up the entirety of what you'll find in LIFO Interactive and Gamevil's Facebook game Train City. The title is your run-of-the-mill city-building simulator, but with a major focus on the train track that runs through the center of your town.

Building the city itself is your basic arrangement - you'll purchase homes, offices, community buildings and the like to give your citizens a place to eat, sleep and have fun. Your businesses will earn "taxes" for your city overtime, which must be collected by clicking on the building when it has a symbol of coins above it. As you level up, you'll unlock new items to add to your town, with larger houses adding more population to your town, and more expensive businesses offering up more tax over time.

Where the gameplay tries to be unique is in the inclusion of your city's train. Your train track can be customized in any way you'd like, to take either a completely scenic route around your businesses and homes, or to take a direct, square root around the city - the choice is yours. Whatever the case, you'll need to set your train into motion by hiring a conductor, with conductors lasting different amounts of time (ranging from three minutes to two days), depending on how long you'd like to leave the game before coming back to collect the profits from your train's many passengers.

Other in-game elements are fairly light (as is the whole game, really), and include a quest system that sees you collecting taxes from specific businesses, purchasing particular buildings before others, and so on, as well as both collection and achievement features. Collection items appear when collecting taxes from your businesses, while achievements are earned based on your overall activities in the game - complete any one task enough times, and you're likely to earn them all.

For social features, you can visit your friends' cities as a "Tourist," allowing you to choose from earning either bonus happiness for the citizens of your town, or bonus population for your town. The opposite of your choice is what your friend will receive in return. You can also send your friends free gifts, like new businesses, homes, and decorative items.

All in all, Train City isthe kind of li ght game that might suit someone who is fine with only playing a game for one or two minutes at a time.

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