Top 5 Sexiest Beaches in the World

sexiest beaches in the world

Sometimes a beach vacation is about relaxing and getting away from it all. Other times, however, you just need a trip to the ocean to check out the amazing people that inhabit it. When you're fiending for a little something exotic, and you're ready to pack up and fly away, there's only thing to do: take a trip to these 5 sexiest beaches in the world.

Sexiest Beaches in the World #1: Ipanema, Rio
There's a reason crooners love to take on the song, 'The Girl from Ipanema.' With bronzed skin, large smiles and dangerous curves, the women and men of Ipanema seem almost other worldly. For some prime people-watching, take a spot on the beach; you won't want for anything as the kiosks roll around selling bathing suits, sandwiches and suntan lotion. Try not to stare at the women of all shapes and sizes sporting 'fio dental,' dental floss bikinis, and men wearing the tiniest speedos that make this one of the sexiest beaches in the world.

Sexiest Beaches in the World #2: Ibiza, Spain
Though Ibiza's history is filled with relaxed vacationing by flower children, today it remains one of the biggest party destinations in the world. You can find clubs on every corner in Ibiza, particularly around the beaches, with scantily clad partygoers everywhere - and all this on a beautiful beach. In the summer months, particularly July and August, when the heat is at its highest, you can find attractive young things running around in bathing suits, or even topless, 'til sunrise in the morning.

Sexiest Beaches in the World #3: Venice Beach, California
If you're looking for a sexy beach destination in the United States, there's no where better than the Golden State. From daisy duke shorts to health fans exercising in bathing suits, you'll find some of the most attractive Americans across the country all in this one spot. With surfing, skateboarding and other athletic activities across the boardwalk, beautiful healthy people flock here.

Sexiest Beaches in the World #4: Manly Beach, Sydney
This ultimate sexy beach has a sexy name and lives up to it! Though there are dozens of gorgeous beaches lining coasts of Australia, Manly is popular among the athletic set and high-class vacationers. Besides stunning views, soothing sands and blue waters, you can spy the very best of Sydney taking a weekend break here, as it's just 30 minutes from the city's main ferry terminal.

Sexiest Beaches in the World #5: Santorini, Greece
There's just something about the island of Santorini that makes otherwise normal people go wild. This topless beach might be the most quiet on our list of sexy beaches, but it doesn't lack in intensity. With white and blue buildings all around you, perched on hills, and crystal clear water below, the seclusion and serenity of Santorini is the perfect place for honeymooners, travelers and even locals to lay back, take their tops off and get some rays.

Photo by Wandering Angel via Flickr.

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