Calling all Dead Heads, Grateful Dead Facebook game in the works

Dancing Bears
Dancing Bears

Find your nearest Dancing Bear and stroke it for good luck. Dead Heads will soon have an official home on Facebook within a Grateful Dead social game that's reportedly in the works. Said to be in development by Curious Sense and to be published by both Rhino Entertainment and Grateful Dead Productions, the game is bound for social networks and mobile devices later this year, according to Brand-m.

Curious Sense told Brand-m that the game will take players through the Grateful Dead universe from the Old West and Space to San Francisco and Giza. The game will feature the band's music and visual style throughout.

"Grateful Dead has always looked for inventive ways to embrace new technology," said David Lemieux, legacy manager for the band brand. "We've found a great partner in Curious Sense. They are lifelong Dead Heads who have some brilliant plans to take our fans on a very cool journey. We can't wait for everyone to check out the fun new toys we are building."

Well, thank heavens for that. With a source material as complex and nuanced as the Grateful Dead discography, I would hope that the developer knew what it was getting into. And considering Curious Sense's experience with companies like Mattel, Hasbro, National Geographic and our very own Aol, it should have a solid chance of making Mr. Garcia proud.

[Image Credit: Gypsy Rose]

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