FarmVille Winter Wonderland Decorations: Visitor Center, Bear Fishing, Fireweed, Iced Cliff & More


Along with the release of two new Winter Wonderland themed animals, Zynga has released a set of buildings and decorative items in tonight's FarmVille updates, also belonging to the Winter Wonderland theme. To be specific, there are two new buildings, and four new decorative items to add to your farm, with most costing Farm Cash, as you might have expected.

For the new buildings, you can pick up either a Visitor Center or a Winter Farm House. The Visitor Center costs 15 Farm Cash (not a bad cost really), while the Winter Farm House costs 25 (a more expected price tag in the world of limited edition buildings). You'll receive experience points for purchasing both buildings - 1500 and 2500 points, respectively.

For the decorative items, these four are actually split evenly between those that cost Farm Cash and those that cost coins (thankfully). The two premium items are the Bear Fishing item and the Iced Cliff. The Bear Fishing item is an animated item much like the Penguin Fishing item we saw released earlier in this same theme. It shows a bear standing at the top of a stream, trying to catch fish that are swimming upstream. It costs 20 Farm Cash to purchase and you'll receive 2000 experience points for purchasing it. The other Farm Cash item is the Iced Cliff, which costs just 2 Farm Cash, and is simply an environmental decoration, that will make your farm look like it has a gaping icy trench separating two sections.

For the coin items, you can now pick up either the Totem Pole II or the Fireweed plant. The Totem Pole II costs 50,000 coins, and rewards you with 500 experience points upon a purchase, while the Fireweed costs just 10,000 coins, and it's one of the prettiest items released in some time, if you ask me (then again, I'm partial to all things pink and purple).

All of these items, whether a building or a decoration will be available in the game for the next 13 days - so shop fast if you want a chance at collecting all of these items on your farm before they expire from the store.

Which of these items is your favorite? Will you go on a shopping spree to purchase them all, or are you done collecting winter themed items in the game, and are ready to move onto something else? Let us know in the comments.