Cafe World Honors Goals: Everything you need to know

While we knew that a new set of Graduation goals had been released in Cafe World at the end of last week, apparently a set of two more goals also slipped into the "active" category as well. With all of the missions one user could currently have going on their account, it's easy for even us to get overwhelmed (my cafe is a mess, let me tell you).

Regardless, we now know that the "Graduate With Honors" goal released last week, upon completion, spawns two new "Honors" goals for you to complete. We have all of the information about how you'll be able to finish these goals (and perhaps even why you would want to) behind the break, so meet us there to get started.

The first of these two goals is the Teacher's Pet goal. It requires you to complete three tasks:

Serve 75 dishes
Earn 250,000 coins
Visit 10 friends

Depending on your level in the game, this mission could be either incredibly easy or incredibly difficult. Over time though, all of these tasks are completable, with unfortunate no real work-arounds being available. Once you complete this mission, you'll earn 500 Cafe Points and 1,000 coins.

This unlocks the second and final task in the Honor goal series, which is called "Honors Pastry Practice." This mission requires you to do just two things. I feel now would be a good time to remind you guys that I'm just the messenger.

Ask for 20 Puff Pastries
Serve 200 Puff Pastries from the Gift Box

Yes, you read that right - ask for 20 Puff Pastries - another item in the game that you must ask your friends for. Whether you're sick of bugging your friends for items, or whether you have tons of active neighbors that you can easily ask, this isn't so much the issue here. As we've spoke of in the past, the new issue with Cafe World goals seems to be the fact that there are simply so darn many of them to complete, that it's almost impossible to ask for these items, as you can't get the goal menu to appear in the first place!

If you're suffering from this problem (it's not a glitch; rather a design choice that is now catching up with Zynga), the only real suggestion we can offer is to clear out other missions that are "covering" this one up, so that you can get to the "ask" button to ask for those Puff Pastries.

Mission completed, you'll receive the Honors Diploma, another decorative item that will show off your now honors-graduate status to your friends.

We'll make sure you're the first to know complete details about the Specialty Cookbook (available after completing the entirety of the Cooking Academy goals) once it has been opened in full. In the meantime, let us know what you think of these new missions in Cafe World? Have you given up on the Cooking Academy until you can clear out other goals? Let us know in the comments.
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