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The whole country might be under a cold snap, but we're still serving up red-hot real estate news! See what AOL Real Estate's readers were interested in this week:

1. Las Vegas Homes Bad Bet Until 2032
"Know when to hold 'em," indeed: All signs indicate that the Las Vegas housing market may not recover for decades. But at least one entrepreneur is turning those lemons into gold -- learn how when you read more.

2. Billy Joel Drops Beach House by $4M
Forget "movin' up" -- he'd happily settle for just "movin' out." Billy Joel's Hamptons beach house refuses to budge, even with a $4 million reduction. Check out the pics of his 6,000-square-foot liability when you read more.

3. Jack Black Buys Flea's House for $6 Million
School of Rock star Jack Black got one step closer to the rock'n'roll lifestyle recently when he inked a deal on the Los Feliz home of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Read more.

4. Google Founder Buys 193-Foot Yacht
The search is over for Google co-founder Larry Page, as he snaps up a gigantic luxury yacht. See how much one pays for a boat that spans 2/3 the length of a football field when you read more.

5. 'Selling New York' Broker Calms 'Skittish' Sellers
Though you'd think the free marketing would be a no-brainer, reality TV's Tom Postilio sometimes has to coerce homeowners into appearing on Selling New York. See how he sells the sellers when you read more.

6. Baltimore Ravens Star Scores in Real Estate
While Super Bowl champs often proclaim they're "going to Disney World," Ray Lewis is actually putting down roots in Disney's backyard with his multilocation real estate firm in Florida. Read more.

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