FarmVille Sneak Peek: Valentines Box returning for 2011

As we have expected for some time now, Zynga looks to be repeating last year's Valentines Box even in FarmVille during the season of love this year. We've found a few unreleased images of details concerning this new Valentines Box, and can see that if it is not an exact replica of last year's event, it's going to be pretty darn close.

The main image worth noting is the Valentines Box interior menu, where you'll trade in your Valentines (items that we showed you last week) for neat prizes. Of course, the prizes are unknown as of this point, but this event will apparently run in the exact same fashion as last year's Valentine's Day celebration. Why are we so certain? It's simple - this Valentines Box menu is the exact same, down to the number of Valentines required for each prize, as last year's menu. Zynga, however, is treating it as new, and so shall we. In fact, it could be possible that they are just keeping the original framework, but will change the specific Valentine requirements for each item later on, so don't lose faith, dear farmers!

One major thing of note is that the Valentines Mailbox itself is different from last year's. While the item looks similar, in terms of being covered with baskets, flowers, and candy boxes, the final version of last year's Mailbox was gray, and this one is clearly purple - a nice change, if you ask me.

We'll be sure to let you know the complete details about this year's Valentine's Day collection event as soon as it is launched in the game. Who knows? Between now and then, they could change their minds and surprise us with something really new and special - we'll have all of the details for you either way, so keep checking back.

What prizes do you hope are given away in this year's Valentine's Day collection event? Are there any items from last year that you hope will make a return? Let us know in the comments.