FarmVille Sneak Peek: Black Horse, Pink Lamb, & Black Swan


In keeping with yesterday's discovery of some unreleased animals in FarmVille, today comes another animal-themed edition of the FarmVille Sneak Peek, as we've come across three more unreleased images of some new animal friends that will likely be coming to the game in the near future.

These animals are a grab-bag of sorts, offering something for everyone. For those interested in further filling their Duck Ponds, you have the new Black Swan. No, a Swan isn't technically a Duck, but it can be put into the Duck Pond all the same.

The second animals is the Pink Lamb, which is so darn cute I think I might have a fit (okay, maybe not a real fit, but I might squeal all the same). This Pink Lamb will likely be added to the game as part of the upcoming Valentine's Day celebration in the game, but exactly how it will appear is anyone's guess - could this be a prize in the Valentine's Day collection event? A free gift? Or even just a regular limited edition animal that we'll have to purchase from the store? We'll let you know when we can confirm its true function in the game, just as soon as it is released.

Finally, the last new animal is for the many, many Horse lovers that play FarmVille. A new Horse breed in the form of the Black Horse will be coming to the game, and we can only assume that a new kind of Black Foal will be coming with it (as most horses in the game can be bred).

And there you have it! A look at three unique animals that will likely be coming to FarmVille in the coming days and weeks. We'll be sure to give you all of the details about these animals, if and when they are officially released in the game, so keep checking back!

Which of these three animals are your favorite? Will you purchase all of them, or do you have you eye on just one? Let us know in the comments.