Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash in Fairly Legal promotion


It's been a few days since we've spotted a new free Farm Cash promotion launching in FarmVille, but we have one for you today, brought to you by a new partnership between Zynga and USA's newest law-themed television show Fairly Legal.

The sponsored link window [pictured] can be found directly underneath your FarmVille gameplay window, while playing the game on Facebook. Simply click on this link and a new window will appear, where you'll be asked to put yourself in the shoes of a lawyer, as you mediate a tense situation between a noisy neighbor, and the neighbors that want her to turn it off. You'll be given a multiple choice series of questions with options for how to handle each situation, but you can answer them anyway you'd like in order to complete the activity for your free Farm Cash.

Once finished, you'll be able to close this new window and your 2 free Farm Cash should automatically update in your in-game total. If not, a simple refresh of the game will likely do the trick. Remember, these promotions are usually for US only (sorry international players!) and if you can't see it on your account, you might have other promotions in the way that are "covering" it up, so keep refreshing the page if you'd like to try and force this promotion to the top.

Happy Farming!

What do you think of this newest Farm Cash promotion in FarmVille? Are you saving your Farm Cash for something special, or do you spend it right away? Let us know your shopping plans in the comments!