FrontierVille: Finish the New Years Resolution goals for 20 Horseshoes


Apparently, you guys know how to get things done in FrontierVille, at least where behind the scenes changes are concerned. If you were one of the many people that tried to finish the six New Years Resolution missions in FrontierVille before January 14 in order to earn your free 50 Horseshoes, but couldn't, there is still a definite incentive to actually finish those missions, aside from earning the various Crates full of decorations that you'll receive when finishing each one individually, that is.

After much outcry from users over the difficulty to complete these missions (on the official fan page, on the Zynga forums, and every other site with a comment button), or the various glitches being suffered from therein, Zynga has decided to reward all users for finishing the missions, regardless of whether they did it before January 14, or after.

All six of the New Years goals will be available to complete until January 31, as first reported, but Zynga has now announced that if you can finish all six before the end of the month, you'll receive 20 free Horsehoes. Sure, it's not 50 Horseshoes, which admittedly is a lot better, but any free Horseshoes at this point is definitely better than none, especially when considering the downright difficulty of some of these missions. Sell 50 Oxen, Pigs, and Goats? Sheesh!

In addition, remember that if you can complete all six missions before they expire, you'll receive an exclusive new badge - the Resolute Pioneer badge, that is only being given away to those users that complete this feature in full. If you don't complete one or more missions before they expire, so too will your opportunity at receiving this badge. You wouldn't want that to happen would you? Good luck to all those that are still trying to finish these goals in time - we're going to need it!

What do you think of this lesser prize for finishing the New Years Resolution goals? Are you more likely to actually finish the missions now that you know at least some free Horseshoes are at stake? Let us know in the comments.