Cafe World Cooking Academy Graduation Goals: Everything you need to know

Did you think that the White Cravat missions would be the end of your term in Cafe World's Cooking Academy? With all of the work we've had to put into our schooling so far, it would be great if that were the case, but unfortunately, there are three more missions to complete before we can apparently leave our school days behind us.

Before we get into the details of these missions, it should be noted that some users (myself included) have so many outstanding goals that these newest goals won't even appear in our quest set on the right side of the screen, because they are covered up by other goals. In the case of goals that ask you to collect items from friends (which these do), you'll need to either complete other goals to uncover the Graduation set, or hope that the goal has something you can complete within your own Cafe, so you can force the quest window to pop up (click on the black progress bar in the top left corner of the screen when it appears).

Whether you can see these quests on your cafe or not, meet us behind the break for a look at the steps you'll need to complete to finally finish your work at the Cooking Academy.

The first is called The Big Day," which is a reference to Graduation Day. It asks you to complete three steps:

Collect 1 Graduation Hat
Collect 2 Grad Bull Horns
Collect 5 Graduation RSVPs

Unfortunately, yes, all three of these are collection steps, and you'll likely be incredibly familiar with how they work by this point. Simply send requests to your individual Cafe World neighbors - the ones that you think would be most likely to help you. And remember, in Cafe World, RSVPs can typically only be sent one-per-player, so you'll need to find five different friends to help you complete this portion of the mission, or pay the 35 Cafe Cash price to unlock them all.

After finishing this portion of the quest, you'll unlock the actual graduation mission series, which comes with two parts. The first part is "Graduate with Honors" and asks you to cook a few dishes, earn some coins, and raise your Buzz Rating.

Cook 12 Herbed Halibuts
Earn 15,000 coins
Attain Buzz Rating of 75

The Herbed Halibuts can be put onto the stove, deleted, and then cooked again to more quickly complete this task (otherwise you'll be waiting the full 24 hours that they take to cook). Earning 15,000 coins will of course happen over time if you simply play the game, and a quick way to raise your buzz rating is to take advantage of your Coffee Machine or Drink Bar, if you have them. Serving an individual coffee or drink to a customer can sometimes raise your buzz rating 3 or 4 points or more, so use some of that energy you have on hand and quickly put that requirement to bed.

Finally, finishing this portion of the quest will unlock "Graduation Day," a one-task quest that asks you to "Attend Graduation." Simply click on the button that says "Attend Graduation," and you'll receive your Graduation Diploma as a reward. This is apparently a wall-hanging decoration that you can use to show off your progress to your friends that visit your cafe.

Once this is complete, rumor has it that you'll be able to finally unlock Cooking Specialty, and you'll be able to choose from three chefs that you'd like to cook with - American, French or Chinese. What happens after that is anyone's guess, as we haven't heard of any users actually making it that far yet. Once the Specialty Cookbook becomes more widespread, we'll be sure to give you a complete rundown on how it works.

Until then, let us know what you think of these requirements in the comments - are you ready to put the Cooking Academy behind you, or would you like to complete more school-themed missions in the game?
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