Test your math skills with Numulus on Facebook & iOS

While there are plenty of puzzle games available on Facebook (and even iPhone/iPad for the matter), most of these games are of the "match-three" variety, or at least contain some sort of gem, or block theme (like Tetris or Collapse, perhaps), rather than concentrating on numbers. In comes Pedro, who has released one such unique game, first on iPhone, and now on Facebook, in the form of Numulus.

Numulus is a puzzle game that will test not only your basic math skills, but also your observational skills, and your perception as well. Each gameplay session will test you with a series of math questions, however, you won't be shown an equation like 2 + 2 = 4. Rather, you'll be shown a cluster of different colored numbers, all of different sizes, and you'll then be shown a word equation relating to those numbers - "Large Red + Small Blue," for instance.

To see how this affects the gameplay in Numulus, meet us behind the break.You're timed in your gameplay sessions, and when you are ready to answer a question, all you need to do is click on the screen to bring up the answer box, and then answer the question using the number keys on the screen. Answer correctly, and your remaining time increases. Answer incorrectly, and you simply move onto the next equation. While the game sounds incredibly simplistic, time is forever counting down, equations can switch between addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. on the fly, and you're always trying to beat your own high score (or the world's best score), which creates an incredible feeling of tension not found in other timed Facebook games (at least in my experience).

While games like Bejeweled Blitz may be timed, and you'd of course want to earn the highest score possible, you're not actually controlling the flow of time - once your minute (or more, if you use boosts) is up, the game is over. Here, though, the length of a gameplay session lasts only as long as you do. Make too many mistakes, and you'll allow the time to expire, ending your game. Answer a series of questions correctly in rapid succession, and you can actually fill your timer back up - the entirety of your gameplay is dependent on you, and your own observational and light math skills.

In terms of social features, you'll be able to invite your friends to play the game and challenge each others' scores, and if you choose to play the iPhone version, you'll not only be able to unlock achievements as you play, but also play the game "cross-platform," so that your high score will carry over whether or not you're playing online, or on your iPhone/iPad.

All in all, Numulus seems like a fine game with which to spend a couple of minutes every now and again. Will you really want to spend a long time under this high-stress environment? That's all up to you, but the game, in my very humble opinion, is definitely worth checking out, and testing yourself with, at least once.

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Have you tried Numulus on Facebook or your iPhone/iPad? What do you think of the number-game? What's your high score? Share it with us in the comments!

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