Test your math skills with Numulus on Facebook & iOS


While there are plenty of puzzle games available on Facebook (and even iPhone/iPad for the matter), most of these games are of the "match-three" variety, or at least contain some sort of gem, or block theme (like Tetris or Collapse, perhaps), rather than concentrating on numbers. In comes Pedro, who has released one such unique game, first on iPhone, and now on Facebook, in the form of Numulus.

Numulus is a puzzle game that will test not only your basic math skills, but also your observational skills, and your perception as well. Each gameplay session will test you with a series of math questions, however, you won't be shown an equation like 2 + 2 = 4. Rather, you'll be shown a cluster of different colored numbers, all of different sizes, and you'll then be shown a word equation relating to those numbers - "Large Red + Small Blue," for instance.

To see how this affects the gameplay in Numulus, meet us behind the break.