Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet, More Popular than Snooki

Jobs, Buffett, and Snooki
Jobs, Buffett, and Snooki

In an affirmation of American taste, a recent survey on the outlook of American workers for 2011 reveals that no matter how many people watch MTV's 'Jersey Shore,' they'd still rather be Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet. The self-proclaimed "Guidette" is a bit more popular with those who haven't graduated high school, however.

That's just one fun fact from a survey recently taken by Adecco Staffing US, a recruitment and work force solutions provider. They also found that regardless of the lagging recovery figures, American workers are feeling better and looking to move ahead in 2011. The results reveal that you can't keep a good American worker down for long.

Compared to 2010, more people are planning on asking for a raise, looking for a new job, and pursuing additional education. On the flip side, only 2 percent of working Americans think the efforts of the current administration to get people back to work are sufficient.

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