Sofia Coppola Addicted to Real Estate Listings

sofia coppola
sofia coppola

Browsing online real estate listings can be the best at-home escape, says director Sofia Coppola, whose latest movie is Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff. "My friends and I say it's like online porn for women," she tells O, The Oprah Magazine in the January issue. But it's not just women who can find home sale listings to be addictive.

Seth Ginsberg, co-founder and president of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, a nonprofit patient advocacy organization based in Upper Nyack, N.Y., says he browse listings at least once a day for 30 minutes at a time. The 29-year-old says he got hooked at age 16 watching Michael J. Fox's TV character Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties rattle on about business and real estate.

"I like to browse listings at night after a long day, over a glass of wine, while watching TV," he says. "On weekends, like most people, I browse the Sunday real estate section in the bathroom."