Octomom's Home Savior: Adult Film Job?


The Octomom, a.k.a., Nadya Suleman, has been hit hard by the housing crisis. In addition to supporting her 14 children, Suleman is having trouble paying her mortgage. Deidre Woollard of our sister site, Luxist.com, explains her latest option: another offer from adult-film entrepreneur Steve Hirsch.

For weeks we've been hearing about "Octomom" Nadya Suleman's struggle to keep her home in La Habra, California. Suleman, who has been living in the home for nearly two years, has been unable to pay off a $450,000 balloon payment. The four-bedroom, three-bath homewas listed for $564,900 in 2009before Suleman and her 14 children moved in. For months, Steve Hirsch, the co-founder of adult film company Vivid Entertainment has been saying that he would offer Suleman as much as $1 million to appear in an adult film. So far she has turned that down but today reports came thathe has stepped upto make her $4,000 February mortgage payment while he considers whether or not to buy her La Habra home. In recent weeks he has met with the man who holds the note on her home. Hirsch has switched from trying to get Octomom on film to proposing thatSuleman take a job behind the camera or as production assistant or party host in Las Vegas.