Mark Zuckerberg Rents Home (Again!)

mark zuckerbergMark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, is learning that privacy is more of an ideal than a reality, even if he moves to a relatively modest new rental home.

The 26-year-old Zuckerberg moved recently -- a whole seven blocks away from his old rental home -- into a slightly larger, moderately more expensive, but most importantly, a much more secure rental home that has been updated with security cameras.

This status update comes following Zuckerberg's recognition as Time magazine's "Person of the Year," his well-publicized status as a billionaire, and after giving Oprah Winfrey, (the most powerful woman in the world) a tour of his previous home back in September 2010.

Not to mention the prior exposure of having the popular website posting photos of both his old place and now his new rental home. Given the aforementioned details it's easy to understand why Zuckerberg wants to control who he shares his private life and location with, and how he'd like to keep the rest of us on his blocked list. Indeed Zuckerberg's contact information is not checked for "everyone" to see and his walls are enclosed.

Zuckerberg's new place like his old one is also in the Palo Alto neighborhood of College Terrace and near Stanford
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University. He graduated or upgraded from a 2,350 square foot, four-bedroom layout at 2073 Princeton Street to a five bedroom house with a profile totallying roughly 3,800 square feet. (Zuck's old pad was listed at $7,850 a month for those wanting a link to the Social Network muse.)

Even with the new financial status, Zuckerberg unlike other web-based billionaire's so far is still keeping something of a low profile. He's still supremely practical as well. No need to private helicopter to work when the Facebook Headquarters are just a few blocks away.

And keeping things simple, the new pad is a modest rental just as the old place was. The only big real estate purching for Zuckerberg is in online real estate. He just announced tbe buying of the URL for a mere $8.5 million. Meanwhile the old real estate profile of Zuckerberg is now up for tagging -- his former living site is on the market as of last month.

"It may not be where he is looking to permanantly settle down," says Tom Doyle of Sotheby's International Realty in New York, who has no connection to Zuckerberg's rental deal. "It is easier to rent -- get in and out when he wants --rather than the more involved process of purchasing a home and selling when done in the area." Adds Frances Katzen of Prudential Douglas Elliman in New York: "It ultimately may come down to [something] as simple as he has not been wowed by the inventory available at this time."

Like everthing social media, little goes unnoticed thanks to viral newsfeeds. A College Terrace neighbor alerted Gawker that "Everybody's aware that Zuckerberg moved here" and new pictures were sent.

While everyone, and their mother - - and even grandmother will soon be updated about where Zuckerberg lives, at least this time his new home is armed with security cameras. Perhaps thanks to a little poking from understandably cautious investors.

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