FrontierVille Trading Post Goals: Everything you need to know

Well lookie here, partners! A new letter has appeared on your FrontierVille homestead, from Frontier Jack's cousin Jacques. He's interested in building a Trading Post in your town, to share the wonderful goods and furs that he as accumulated over his wide, worldly travels, and he hopes you'll help him do it.

You'll help Jacques (and yourself in the process) by building a Trading Post through a four part mission series that is now available in the game. Apparently, after finishing these quests, you'll be able to trade in items to the Trading Post (fitting its name) for extra rewards for your Homestead. As usual, we have the details about these new missions for you right here, so meet us behind the break to get started.

The first part of this mission series is called "Brewin' Up Some Rubaboo Stew," with Rubaboo Stew being somewhat of a specialty dish of Jacques, requiring peas and bacon. That takes care of two of the portions of this quest, and the initial construction of the Trading Post rounds out the quest:

Harvest 15 Peas
Collect Three Bacon
(Pig Collection)
Purchase the Trading Post from the Market

Peas are available to grow from the market's Crop section, and they take two days to mature. Either that, or you can take advantage of an ability in the game that allows your friends' actions on your Homestead to count for your own quests. That is, plant 15 (or even just 5) Peas on your Homestead, have three friends come to visit and tend nothing but your Peas, and then accept those actions back in your own game. Voila - step completed, perhaps in as little as a matter of minutes, if you have FrontierVille neighbors currently online at the time of starting this mission.

As for the Trading Post, if you have the store discount school mission activated on your account, you'll be able to purchase the building from the store for 760 coins and 11 wood. Simply purchasing the base (not even whacking it to further build up the frame) will unlock that step of the quest.

The reward for completing part one is 300 XP and 1 Dinner energy item.

The second part of this mission series is called "Breakin' Ground," and it too contains three steps to complete, but this one might be a bit more time consuming.

Have 10,000 coins
Collect 10 Trade Permits
Harvest 25 Flax

While the coins will likely be on-hand already for most players, you'll need to rely on your friends to collect the Trade Permits by posting a general wall post to your wall asking for the item. In the meantime, Flax can be grown in 8 hours.

The reward for finishing Breakin' Ground is 400 XP and 10 Cloth.

Moving onto the third part of the quest, this step called "Securing Tradin' Routes" will see you actually working on building your Trading Post, but luckily, the other steps are incredibly simple.

Visit 12 Neighbors
Chop 5 Neighbor Trees
Finish Building the Trading Post

If you've yet to click on the Trading Post after purchasing the base, you'll need to build up the rest of the frame by whacking the base a whopping 18 times - each time requiring a single energy and 3 Wood.

For the "finishing touches," you guessed it, you'll have to collect various ingredients with the help of friends. The Trading Post contains many new items, so unfortunately, you won't be able to rely solely on your excess inventory to finish this one quickly. You'll need to collect 20 Hand Drills, along with 10 each of the following new items: Tiles, Awls, Beams, Blankets, and Sarsaparilla.

The Tiles, Awls, and Beams are earned through general wall posts, that any of your friends can respond to, while Blankets and bottles of Sarsaparilla are earned through individual requests that you'll send to friends that you think will be likely to help you. The Hand Drills are also earned through this method, but if you're lucky you'll already have the 20 needed in your inventory.

Either way, once you finish this quest, you'll receive 500 XP and 1,000 coins, while also unlocking the final quest in this four part series.

Part IV is called "Time to Open Shop," and it requires you to take advantage of the new abilities given to you by the Trading Post, along with collecting more items.

Collect 10 Beaver Pelts
Collect 1 Clerk's Hat
(part of the new Trading Post Collection)
Trade in 5 items at the Trading Post

You'll need to collect the Beaver Pelts, once again, by asking your friends for help. Hopefully you have a lot of patient neighbors, as there has been a lot of asking (begging?) going on up until this point. Either way, once you finish this final step of the Trading Post quest set, you'll receive a great reward - 750 XP and 1 additional point to your maximum energy.

And there you have it! Finish these four quests, and you'll not only be introduced to a new in-game character in the form of Jacques, but you'll also have a new, functional building to call your own!

Let us know what you think of the Trading Post feature in FrontierVille - are the missions too hard to complete, or are you ready for a challenge? Let us know in the comments.
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