FrontierVille Trading Post Collection now available


Along with the release of the new Trading Post (and the accompanying four quests) in FrontierVille, Zynga has also launched the expected new collection to go along with the new building.

This collection is of course called the Trading Post collection, and it will see you collecting five items to receive two rewards:

Inventory List
Clerk Hat
Canoe Paddle
Spice Bowl

Of course, you'll be able to find these items when building the Trading Post (which must be done as part of the new series of missions), and you'll likely be able to receive them after the building as been constructed, through the Daily Bonus feature. Note: If you do happen to get ahold of a Clerk Hat, you might want to save it for the final step of the Trading Post mission series.

If you can manage to collect all five items, you'll be able to turn it in for 1 Fast Hands Boost (perform five actions in one click) and 1,000 coins. Sure, the coin reward really isn't anything special, but the Fast Hands Boost is otherwise only available via purchasing a set of five from the General Store for 25 Horseshoes.

What do you think of the Fast Hands Boost as a reward for completing this collection? Would you rather it be a limited edition collectible, or are you a fan of boosts in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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