New Site Enables You to be Anonymously Catty to Co-Workers

cube duel
cube duel

Using technology brought to light in the uber-popular film 'Social Network,' a new website called CubeDuel lets you vote for "Who Would You Rather Work With," giving you the choice to select between two different co-workers at once.

It works like this: You allow to access your LinkedIn account, and it will show you two people you've worked with from the same company. You then vote for the one you'd rather work with. Two more colleagues will immediately appear, until you've voted on everyone from your list of contacts who work or have worked at the same company.

If you're really brave, you can see how your co-workers rate you. But you have to have been ranked at least 20 times for a rating to show up, and the site encourages you to share their link and get people to vote for you on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in order for that to happen.