Cafe World Fry Hard Missions: Everything you need to know


It seems like I've become a broken record at this point, but as if we don't have enough to work on in Cafe World, we have been given yet another set of missions (four this time) dealing with the previously released Deep Fryer. You'll remember that the Deep Fryer was added as a constructable item back around the time of Thanksgiving 2010, but if you're like me, the item has probably sat unused in your cafe ever since. After all, who wants to cook Deep Fried Turkey day after day... after day?

In comes this new series of missions to add more recipes to the deep frying cookbook - three to be exact - the Funnel Cake, Depp Fried Candy Bar and Onion Rings. These three new recipes are only available to cook in the Deep Fryer, but will only be unlocked in your recipe book after completing these Fry Hard goals. Note: If you have so many active goals on your account that you can't see this new series in the right-hand menu of your game, it is still active on your account. All you'll need to do is follow our guide for the steps necessary to complete them, and you'll be able to pass them just the same.

For everything you need to know on completing these goals, meet us behind the break.