Cafe World Fry Hard Missions: Everything you need to know

It seems like I've become a broken record at this point, but as if we don't have enough to work on in Cafe World, we have been given yet another set of missions (four this time) dealing with the previously released Deep Fryer. You'll remember that the Deep Fryer was added as a constructable item back around the time of Thanksgiving 2010, but if you're like me, the item has probably sat unused in your cafe ever since. After all, who wants to cook Deep Fried Turkey day after day... after day?

In comes this new series of missions to add more recipes to the deep frying cookbook - three to be exact - the Funnel Cake, Depp Fried Candy Bar and Onion Rings. These three new recipes are only available to cook in the Deep Fryer, but will only be unlocked in your recipe book after completing these Fry Hard goals. Note: If you have so many active goals on your account that you can't see this new series in the right-hand menu of your game, it is still active on your account. All you'll need to do is follow our guide for the steps necessary to complete them, and you'll be able to pass them just the same.

For everything you need to know on completing these goals, meet us behind the break.

The first step in this series of four missions asks you to complete three tasks. If you don't already have the Deep Fryer, you must place one in your cafe (you don't need to finish its construction... yet) before moving on. The other tasks are quite simple, all things considered.

Place the Deep Fryer
Spice 5 Friend Stoves
Cook 5 Spitfire Roasted Chicken

Luckily, this is a situation where "cook" the five dishes means just that - all you need to do is set five Spitfire Roast Chickens into the process of cooking. This is a 1-day dish, if you'd like to actually wait for them to cook, but you can just as easily pass this misson and then delete them in order to free up space on your stoves for more important dishes.

The reward for completing this first mission is 500 Cafe Points and 500 coins.

Fry Hard II comes with another three tasks, one of which asks you to complete the construction on your Deep Fryer, if you haven't done so already.

Complete the Deep Fryer
Cook 30 Bacon Cheeseburgers
Get 3 Cups of All Purpose Flour

Unfortunately, since these Bacon Cheeseburgers only take five minutes to cook, Zynga doesn't allow you to delete them from a stove once they've been cooked. Sure, you don't need to actually serve them to finish this quest, but you'll end up doing so even if inadvertently.

The Flour will need to be earned by asking your individual friends to send them to you. Finally, for information on how to complete the Deep Fryer construction, check out our guide.

The reward for completing Fry Hard II is the unlocking of the Funnel Cakes recipe. This recipe takes just 5 minutes and costs just 70 coins to cook. You'll receive 10 servings that can be sold for 15 coins each, giving you 150 coins in return.

Fry Hard III comes next, and sees you putting that new Funnel Cake recipe to good use.

Serve 5 Funnel Cakes
Get 5 Chocolate Bars
Get 3 Cups of All Purpose Flour

If these tasks don't make it clear, you're about to unlock the Deep Fried Candy Bar recipe, and as such, need to collect some chocolate bars and flour in order to cook the meal. You'll also need to cook and completely serve the Funnel Cake five times (a process lasting at least 25 minutes) in order to finish this mission. Unfortunately, you can't delete the dish while it is cooking and have it still count.

As we said, the reward for Fry Hard III is the Deep Fried Candy Bar recipe. This recipe is a much more costly (and for that matter time consuming) dish than the Funnel Cakes. It is available to cook for 1,980 coins, and cooks in 8 hours. You'll receive 400 servings which are sold for 10 coins each, for a return of 4,000 coins.

Finally, we've made it to Fry Hard IV, the last part of this admittedly fairly simple quest (all things considered - only having to collect 11 items so far is pretty good for Cafe World). You'll have three final tasks to complete, which unfortunately require more item collection (so much for being given a break here).

Serve 3 Deep Fried Candy Bars
Get 5 Cups of Batter
Get 10 Onions

Of course, this final mission will unlock the Onion Rings recipe in your game. This recipe is the most expensive yet, costing 3,800 coins to cook a single time. You'll need to wait 18 hours before the Onion Rings are ready to serve, at which point you'll have 900 servings to sell for 10 coins each, for a return of 9,000 coins.

Fortunately, it doesn't appear that there is any sort of time limit associated with these quests, so feel free to keep pushing along with the New Years goals or Catering missions if you would like. We're sure that this Fry Hard mission set will still be there waiting for you when you get done. Good luck in completing it!

[Fry Hard III / IV Image Credit: Cafe World Wiki]

Will you try your hand at completing these four deep fryer missions in Cafe World, or have you given up on completing missions altogether to save the patience and friendships of your neighbors? Let us know in the comments!
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