Snazzy Napper Review: Looks Silly, But it Works

The Product: Snazzy Napper
The Price: Including shipping and handling, $23 for orginal; $33 for extra large
The Claims: A snazzy way to sleep while you travel
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 4 out of 5

(Become a fan of Consumer Ally on Facebook.)Snazzy Napper is a travel blanket that blocks light -- and your snoring face -- when you nap in public.

It's an easy product to lampoon and dismiss. And Lord knows I'm not above having a little fun with the occasional As Seen On TV dud.

But call me crazy (and you won't be the first), I like this travel wrap because it does exactly what it promises: It's Snazzy - the extra large is navy blue with a cascade of Zzzzzz; and it lets you nap in comfort and in private (sorta).

Silly Sight
Of course, some of you might will feel idiotic tying Snazzy around your head, covering lids with its padded eye mask and breathing through its nose hole.
Snazzy Napper
But I didn't mind, and neither did people surrounding me during holiday layovers and flights to Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit and D.C. My fellow travelers didn't seem to notice, no less laugh at my burka-like throw.

There's a lot of public sleeping on trains, planes and buses -- and most of it isn't pretty.

Travelers routinely cover eyes with black satin masks, throw blankets over heads, fold arms over bellies while ribbons of drool fall from their mouths.

Snazzy Napper hides unsightly slumber. And it's surprisingly comfy.

Where's the S&H?
The orginal Snazzy Napper, which looks like a lobster bib and is best for children, costs about $15; while the extra large Snazzy (the one you want) is about $25.

Nobody answers the customer service number, and I haven't seen Snazzy in retail stores. So you'll have to order online, which is always a treat.

The website doesn't reveal shipping and handling charges ($7.95) until you place the order, which I don't like. And delivery takes 2-6 weeks: Mine took closer to 6 weeks to arrive.

Bottom Line on Snazzy Napper

I've seen people wear stranger things in public: May I refer you to any professional football game?

So what's the big deal about curling up with this coverup and taking a little snooze?

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