Mafia Wars Bury The Mole Event: Everything you need to know

Bury the Mole

Johnny D. SpeedsterAnother weekend, another gifting event in Mafia Wars. Starting now, players can partake in Zynga's next gift-giving extravaganza, "Bury the Mole." Just like all gifting events in the game, players will have to send one another a new gift every few days in order to master each reward item. In order to achieve Gold Mastery of each gift, you'll need to collect a total of 28 of each gift. Here's a look at each of the gifts and the rewards attached to them with Gold Mastery statistics:

  • 28 Corpse Mulches = Garden Snake (51 Attack, 73 Defense)
  • 28 Grave Spades = Green Thumb (74 Attack, 55 Defense)
  • 28 Pushing Daisies = Cultivator (45 Attack, 78 Defense)

Master all three items and the grand prize, the Johnny D. Speedster (get it?), is yours. This Superior quality vehicle packs 100 Attack and 135 Defense, so it would be a fine investment to complete this event. (Finally, some impressive items for free.) Actually, if you manage to complete the event early, you're free to do it all over again two more times for extra loot. With a total of 84 gifts to collect and only 10 more days to do it, you better get to that Free Gifts page quick.

Have you started the Bury The Mole event yet? If so, what tips do you have to complete the event in the fastest way possible? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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