HOPE Scholarship Shortfall: Dashing Dreams in Georgia?

TheNew York Times recentlypublished a story that has Georgia's current and aspiring college students concerned. It said that Georgia's HOPE Scholarship is in serious danger. This means that the hopes of many high school and college students are on the verge of being dashed.

Until now, the Georgia Hope Scholarship promised students full tuition at Georgia public colleges, provided that the student graduates with and maintains a "B" (3.0) average. This program has kept talented students in the state and greatly increased the number of students there who go on to college. But its funds are drying up.

Part of the program's trouble is its success. The number of students qualifying for HOPE has increased exponentially, with most college-bound high school students now graduating with a "B" average or higher. With such a large number qualifying, the money is going fast.