Get Paid Thousands to Find Your Friend a Job Logo So you have this friend who is a high tech wiz, and you have a spare hour or two. In that time, you can not only find your friend a great new job, but also pocket $10,000-$20,000 for your efforts.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. San Francisco start-up Top Prospect is using this process to find top applicant for high tech jobs right now. As of this posting, there are more than 140 jobs from 47 companies available through the site, and, get this: their total available budget for recommendation fees is $1.5 million. Hey -- if they've got the money, you've got the time, right?

Despite the high general unemployment rates in the United States, there have always been certain tech jobs that are still very hard to fill. Companies usually pay recruiters about 20 percent to 25 percent of the recruit's first year salary to find the right candidate, and they often have to reach out to foreign countries for people who are qualified. Why not keep that money a little closer to home?

Here are some things you should know about Top Prospect's procedures:
  • To recommend somebody for a job, you must sign in with a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Then Top Prospect will check out your information, paying special attention to your job history as well as how many relevant people you're connected to. Relevance is measured by job title, number of connections, and other factors.
  • Any prospects you recommend are double-checked by an in-house recruiter to make sure they're qualified.
  • If you recommend a bunch of unqualified friends who are rejected by either Top Prospect or the companies that list openings with them, then they will ignore your future recommendations, and eventually discontinue your connection.
  • To protect privacy, only the recommender, the prospect, and the hiring company know about each recommendation.

At the moment, the site is focused on the Bay Area and tech jobs, but if the concept continues to grow, Top Prospect plans to expand quickly to other areas like New York and Chicago, and to other industries like health care, finance, and energy. So if you're not plugged into the high tech community, stay tuned. Your opportunity to become a successful recruiter in your spare time could be just around the corner.

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