FarmVille Winter Wonderland Items: Mink, Alaska Home, Bald Eagle, & Much More!


For the biggest part of Wednesday, we brought you a look at quite a few then unreleased items that we believed would be launching in FarmVille in the near future. Who would have thought at the time, that the evening would bring a FarmVille update to the game (the second in as many days), that would see the release of a big portion of these items to the game).

This newest FarmVille update is practically overflowing with new items that you'll be able to purchase either to decorate your farm (animals, buildings, and pure decorations), or decorate your avatar (a series of new clothing and accessory items). We have the complete look at these items behind the break, so meet us there for complete pricing details, and for news on how long these items will be available in the game.

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