FarmVille Winter Wonderland Items: Mink, Alaska Home, Bald Eagle, & Much More!

For the biggest part of Wednesday, we brought you a look at quite a few then unreleased items that we believed would be launching in FarmVille in the near future. Who would have thought at the time, that the evening would bring a FarmVille update to the game (the second in as many days), that would see the release of a big portion of these items to the game).

This newest FarmVille update is practically overflowing with new items that you'll be able to purchase either to decorate your farm (animals, buildings, and pure decorations), or decorate your avatar (a series of new clothing and accessory items). We have the complete look at these items behind the break, so meet us there for complete pricing details, and for news on how long these items will be available in the game.

The easiest way to give a run-down of these items is by their type, starting with Animals. We have one new limited edition animal to choose from in the form of the American Mink. This cute little fella will set you back only 12 Farm Cash (we say only as this actually is a fairly cheap animal in the grand scheme of things, where animals can easily cost 25 Farm Cash or more).

Moving on, we have one new building available to purchase, called the Alaska Home. It costs 20 Farm Cash, which, again, isn't that high of a Farm Cash cost, if you compare it to other Farm Cash buildings in the game. The Ski Resort, for instance, has a normal price of 30 Farm Cash, while buildings like the Tea House or Pagoda cost upwards of 30-40 Farm Cash each, as examples.

We start to see the real bulk of tonight's update when looking at new decorations, of which there are five. Three of these are Farm Cash items, and they are the Snowy Bridge, Bald Eagle, and Snowy Tree. The Snowy Bridge costs 25 Farm Cash, the Bald Eagle (purely a decorative animal - not available to be harvested from) costs 18 Farm Cash, and the Snowy Tree is available for the bargain price of 3 Farm Cash (Note: it appears that the Snowy Tree has been improperly labeled as a Winter Holiday item, even though it likely should be a part of the Winter Wonderland set. Whatever the reality may be, this doesn't affect its time limit in the store, so don't panic about it selling out extremely fast).

The other two items are the Snowmobile and the Iced Cat, another in the now long line of ice-themed items in the game, this time in the shape of a cat. The Snowmobile is a fairly pricey item, even if it is available for coins, as it will set you back 200,000 coins. The Iced Cat is 50,000 coins.

Finally, the game's Clothing section has tons of items that are now available to help accessorize your avatar. You can purchase a series of scarves and ski goggles, with these items being accessories on top of the other clothing items that your avatar is already wearing. They cost 1 Farm Cash each, and come in the following colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Red, and Purple. If you want a complete outfit for your avatar, instead of just an accessory item, you can also buy the Eskimo costume that goes with your avatar's gender. Of course, girl avatars will only be able to purchase the "Female Eskimo" outfit and vice versa. These outfits cost 10 Farm Cash each, but are pretty darn cute for the cost.

All of these items, regardless of item type or cost, will only be available in the game for the next 13 days. This is presumably the date when all of the Winter Wonderland items will expire, as even those items released before tonight's update will be gone either in 13 days even, or before then. Shop fast if you want to have time to enjoy these items on your farm before they expire from the store (likely for good).

What do you think of these new items in the Winter Wonderland theme? Do you think Zynga will release more items in this theme, or will they move straight into Valentine's Day now? Let us know in the comments.
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