FarmVille: Ugly Duckling returns as wandering, lost animal


In celebration, if you will, of Zynga's release of the Duck Pond in FarmVille, the developer has re-released a fairly familiar wandering animal into the game. Along with the Belted Duck that has been spotted wandering onto players' farms, you now also have a chance, once again, to find an Ugly Duckling.

This lost-and-found event works just as you'd expect. At random while playing, you may be notified that a sad, lonely Ugly Duckling has wandered onto your farm. You can either ignore the Ugly Duckling, thus ending the event, or you can post a news item to your wall, allowing your friends to claim this lost animal for themselves. As usual, you won't actually receive anything when finding a Duckling on your own farm - you'll need to find a post form a friend who has found one on their own farm and then claim that Duckling in order to get one onto your farm.

The Ugly Duckling just wants to find a nice new home, and who knows, if you take care of it, it may turn into a Swan (ok, no "may" - it will if you take care of it for a short while by feeding it). Note: the Ugly Duckling itself isn't available to add to your Duck Pond, but the Swan it turns into is. We'll make sure to keep track as to whether or not Zynga changes this stipulation in the future (we hope they do).

Have you found any Ugly Ducklings as part of their most recent release into the game? How many Swans do you have swimming in your Duck Pond? Let us know in the comments.