FarmVille: Husky Puppies now available for adoption

As we told you yesterday, Zynga had been working steadily on bringing more dog types to FarmVille, specifically Husky Puppies. Now, those three dogs that we talked about yesterday are now available to adopt from the game's store, but only for a limited time.

The Husky dog breed is part of the Winter Wonderland item set, and as such, this means that you'll only be able to adopt one of the three available colors of Husky until they expire from the store in 20 days. There is only one listing for the Huskies in the store, but rest assured, there are three colors to choose from, each costing 65 Farm Cash.

Clicking on the "Buy" button in the store brings up the customization window, where you can choose the gender and name of your Husky, along with choosing which of the three colors you'll adopt - Black, Brown, or Gray. Don't panic - you'll be able to change your mind about making a purchase before actually going through with it, so you're more than welcome to get a preview of the three dog colors (including a few of their animations) before you invest such a large amount of Farm Cash into them.

Remember, puppies must be fed Kibble until they grow into adults, and as this is a Farm Cash puppy, you'll be given your free (and complete) two week supply of Kibble when making a purchase. After two weeks, your puppy will grow into an adult Husky. Level this Husky up with Dog Treats and it will eventually be able to "fetch" things for you.

Again, the Husky breed of puppies will only be available in the game for the next 20 days, at which point they will expire from the store, likely to not be seen again (at least for a very long time - and by then, the prize might have increased). If you've been looking for the perfect dog breed in FarmVille, make sure to give this one a second glance.

Will you purchase a Husky Puppy in FarmVille, or do you think they're too expensive? What breeds would you like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments.