FarmVille: Belted Duck available as a free gift / adoptable animal


If you've finished building your Duck Pond in FarmVille, you might be looking for some new ducks to fill it with. Luckily, you now have two ways to come across a new duck that has been released in the game in the form of a Belted Duck.

This Belted Duck is a cute black and white duck that is now available to send to your friends from the Free Gifts page. Likewise, you'll be able to receive the Belted Duck as a free gift from your friends. If that doesn't work for you, however, know that the Belted Duck is also now available to find at random times when playing the game, as a "wandering" animal that appears on your farm.

Of course, this will allow you to share the lost and found Duck with your friends on your wall, and likewise, if any of your friends find a duck on their own farms, they'll be able to share it on their wall for you to claim (that is, if you're fast enough to claim it before the lost duck is gone).

It's possible that this Belted Duck will only be available for a limited time, although Zynga didn't announce an expiration date for how long the Duck will last on the page. Either way, to be safe, it might be smart to ask your friends for ducks now, rather than later, while you know they're still available.

Have you finished your Duck Pond in FarmVille? Are you looking for more ducks to fill it? Let us know in the comments.