Wishful Features: The Facebook App Store

The App Store
The App Store

Even if you don't own an Apple device, surely most of you have heard that the ubiquitous technology company recently released its Mac App Store. A strange step for computing, but a logical one for a company like Apple, the Mac App Store will serve as the new place for users to find new applications to download, purchase and use. Inspired by the App Store found in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it's possible in future renditions of the Mac computer that this will be the only way users will be able to access new apps.

Another more relevant platform could certainly take advantage of a similar distribution model: Facebook. While there have been rumors of a Facebook gaming hub since Nov. 2010, nothing seems to have surfaced. Imagine a place where social gamers could go to find the newest, most popular games on Facebook (for free, of course). This place could easily be called the Facebook App Store, but knowing Apple and their sprawling copyrights and patents that probably wouldn't blow over so well. Regardless, let's keep the name for the sake of the argument, shall we?

Join us after the break to explore the possibilities of a Facebook App Store.

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