CityVille Sneak Peek: Baseball Park, Bus Station and... a Prison?

Baseball ParkBus StationPrison
When a game like CityVille reaches 100 million monthly players, you know the rampant file digging is to come soon after. Thankfully, CityVille Info has discovered three potential new community buildings that may soon arrive in the game, a Baseball Park, a Bus Station and, strangely enough, a Prison.

Actually, the Baseball Park is somewhat of a given considering there are Goals already in place in the game that involve the item. But the Bus Station and Prison don't seem to be attached to any Goals at the moment and will likely just be more sources from which to increase your population cap. And leave it to Zynga to turn one of society's darkest institutions into a cute, quaint little building. Hopefully this doesn't lead to Goals involving criminals--that would just be weird.

[Image Credit: CityVille Info]

Do you think these community buildings will have more function aside from increasing the population cap? When do you think these items will be released into the game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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