CityVille reaches 100 million players, nearly half of all Facebook gamers

Joe Osborne
CityVille is huge
CityVille is huge

Honestly, we all kind of expected this to happen. CityVille has reached 100 million monthly active players, Mashable reports. Though, it is still staggering to see one Facebook game reach nearly half of all social gamers in just about 40 days when it took the previous champion, FarmVille, months to reach a mere 84 million players. (It's crazy to call 84 million players of a single game "mere," but c'est la vie.)

Actually, CityVille hasn't quite reached the 100 million mark yet, but with 99,903,740 players and up to 400 thousand added daily it truly is only a matter of time, according to Mashable. Regardless of whether CityVille has eclipse the rest of the Zynga game lineup, they're not going anywhere. Zynga games hold four of the top five spots in AppData's list of largest Facebook apps. In fact, a game by another developer doesn't appear on the list until 17th place with Digital Chocolate's Millionaire City. However, it's unlikely that CityVille can retain 100 million monthly players for long much less stay on top. Then again, it's more than likely that it'll be yet another Zynga game that eventually topples the gargantuan city builder.

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