5 Big Time CEOs Who Make Less Than You Do

job interviewCEOs who have outrageous, eight-figure salaries and then get multimillion-dollar bonuses on top of that. Some of these CEOs are the same people who oversee major layoffs, leaving former employees penniless on the streets. "Just how much money does one person need?" you wonder, while arguing for legislation that would put a cap on the compensation for these "top dogs."

The AFL-CIO keeps tabs on CEOs, which they consider the biggest pay-exploiters, on a website called Executive PayWatch. Writer Jim Woods of InvestorPlace.com came up with a very different list -- CEOs who make the least money. The stories about corporate heads who make a pittance are fewer-and-farther between, but they do exist. As a matter of fact, the guys in charge of some of the biggest and most celebrated companies in America, earn less annually [in terms of salary] than you'd spend on a cup of coffee.

1. Richard Fairbank, Capitol One

Believe it or not, even a CEO in the financial industry, which has an especially bad rap these days, earns a total of $0 per year. Richard Fairbank, founder of Capitol One, hasn't pocketed a dime of salary since 1997.

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2. Richard Kinder, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners

Energy conglomerates also have a bad reputation for giving their corporate higher-ups outrageous salaries, but not this pipeline company. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners pays their founder Richard Kinder, just $1 per year. Once a leader at Enron, Kinder had his doubts about Enron's business strategies and left before the company came crashing down.

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3. Steve Jobs, Apple

People in high-tech industries often have better reputations for taking less and giving more. Apple's Steve Jobs, for example, apparently doesn't need much to keep him in his signature jeans and black turtlenecks. Ever since he returned in 1997 to the company he'd founded more than a decade earlier, his salary has been a whopping $1 per year.

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4. Larry Ellison, Oracle

Larry Ellison of Oracle is in the same boat -- but his boat happens to be the world's largest private yacht. When you're worth an estimated $26 billion, like Ellison, you don't really need the extra dollar.

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5. John Mackey, Whole Foods Markets

Then there's the CEO who not only helps us feed ourselves better, but can be counted among the pantheon of CEOs who only accept a dollar a year in compensation. John Mackey of Whole Foods Markets owns an estimated $50 million worth of stock in his own company. And let's face it, the guy will never have a problem putting healthy food on his own table, even as he helps thousands of employees and millions of consumers to do the same.

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Find out more about these CEOs and how their meager salaries are benefiting their shareholders in a major way at InvestorPlace.com.

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