Zuma Blitz producer teases trophy rooms, powers as potential updates

Jeff Green and Isaac Aubrey
Jeff Green and Isaac Aubrey

If you have a spare 17 minutes, PopCap just posted an extremely long informative video interview between editorial director Jeff Green (left) and Zuma Blitz producer Isaac Aubrey (right). Their casual chat among classic arcade machines on a seemingly comfy red couch dives into everything from the future of Zuma Blitz to little-known facts about the game and explanations for a few of the game's drawbacks.

According to Aubrey, Zuma Blitz was in development for about one year before it launched on Facebook in late 2010 while the recent upgrade to Bejeweled Blitz--a project Aubrey also worked on--took somewhere around five months to complete. Early on, Green spoke his mind about the Heart system in Zuma Blitz (think Energy in FrontierVille), saying it was particularly punishing to begin with. Aubrey responded saying that while Hearts are clearly to get some players to pay up for more, PopCap also can't exactly make games entirely for free.

"We need to build these games in such a way that we can continue to work on them, continue to improve them and bring more games onto Facebook," Aubrey said. "It's a new environment that we're starting to get into. We're ready to bring in new features and pull out features that don't work. You can't please everyone, but certainly we try."

Green later expressed his concerns over the leveling system, which might discourage newer players from continuing the game after witnessing the immense scores of higher-level players (like this guy). Aubrey was quick to point out that players who have just started but improve their skills quickly can still outscore more "advanced" players.

As for the future of the game, Aubrey mused over a few ideas including full screen support, but warned that it would likely cause longer load times and "that's not really what we want to do." Possibilities for future features include new powers, cosmetic upgrades and even trophy rooms, according to the producer. When talking about the future, Aubrey told Green, "Let you're imagination run wild, but we haven't got there yet." For more details, check out the full interview here. And if it's up to Jeff Green, there could be plenty more where this came from.

What would you like to see come next in Zuma Blitz? Would you take a full screen mode if it meant waiting to play the game longer? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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