TV Ads For Viva, Scott Paper Towels 'Disparaging' to Bounty

paper towelIt's OK to love the quilt. That's what the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus announced today after reviewing a complaint that Procter & Gamble made against Kimberly-Clark Corp.

P & G, which makes Bounty paper towels -- known as the "quicker picker-upper" -- was not happy with Kimberly-Clark's recent commercials for its Scott and Viva brand paper towels.

In the Viva commercial, people are shown staging an "intervention" for a woman who loves her some quilted paper towels. The quilted towels are bad and "towel-speak for air," says the commercial, which includes the standard wiping-up of liquid demonstration.The Scott commercial places a couple at a children's birthday party. While cleaning up, the commercial shows the Scott towel competing against the Bounty towel, with the Scott towel soaking up more liquid.

After reviewing the commercials, the NAD looked at "extensive evidence" from both companies. Officials in a statement today said they found the Scott commercial "conveys an unsupported message of overall superior absorption," and therefore should be discontinued.

The NAD also found the Viva commercial "unfairly disparaging" and Kimberly-Clark's message that its paper towels were thicker and superior was not supported.

Kimberly-Clark said it was disappointed in the findings, and that the statements were just meant to encourage consumers who use quilted paper towels to consider an alternative.

It was unclear how many consumers actually know whether their paper towels are quilted or not.
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