Toy Cell Phones Recalled for Choking Risk

toy cell phone recallDiscovery Toys LLC recalled its toy cell phones after three reports of the antenna breaking off, including one in which a mom had to pull the broken piece out of her son's mouth, said the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Toddler Talk Toy Mobile Phones are recalled both in the United States and Canada because the broken antenna can create a choking risk to small children, the CPSC said. Consumers should take the cell phones away from their children and call Discovery Toys for instructions on getting a new toy -- your choice of either a trio of dump trucks, a caterpillar or puzzles.

The company said the antennae can break off when it hits something and apologized to its customers.The toy mobile phone is red and blue plastic with a small, clear antennae and buttons numbered "1, 2, 3, 4," and "Play." The battery-powered phones have a screen with a boy's face and the words, "hello! hola! bonjour!" Only model number 1231 -- the one with a boy's face on its screen -- is recalled. The model number can be found on the toy's packaging.

About 2,900 of the China-made toy cell phones were sold nationwide in the U.S. and another 700 in Canada through Discovery Toys Educational Consultants from September 2010 through November 2010 for about $18 each.

Contact Discovery Toys at (800) 426-4777. Discovery Toys will ask you to fill out a form and it will take two to three weeks for the replacement toy to arrive.

In August, Fisher-Price recalled more than 100,000 sets of its Little People toys because one of the characters could break and create a choking risk for kids. Just a month later, the toymaker recalled a massive list of toys for various safety reasons.
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