New Underwear Makes Privates Bigger, Wallet Smaller

old girdle catalog ad - underwear
old girdle catalog ad - underwear

Throughout history we've worn things to smooth the bumps or make the bumps look bigger. We've paid a pretty price, too. Enhancement-wear such as the new Shock Jock Flirt Brief undies, which sport a fake penis bulge, routinely costs in the double digits. Whether it's to look like Venus, Adonis or your favorite digital porn star, we are suckers for a quick cosmetic fix. The following is a quick WalletPop tour of some of the most notable nips, tucks and lifts that money can buy -- off the rack.

Andrew Christian's prosthetic-packed Shock Jock Flirt Brief will add two inches to your package and subtract $29 from your wallet. But what do you do at the other end of the bait-and-switch when you remove your underwear to reveal the real you? WalletPop wonders if it's worth going to such lengths if a partner is going to cry false advertising. We haven't seen any reports on how many units the Shock Jock is selling. In my day, the insecure shoved a sock into their Munsingwear and spent their cash on a Corvette.