Modlet Helps Consumers and Businesses 'Go Green'

thinkeco modlet Tons of businesses are riding the "green" wave, but few are really succeeding at making a discernible difference in their energy usage. Although, it's rarely for lack of trying, and more often due to the fact that most companies have absolutely no idea where to start with implementing greener policies.

Luckily tech companies have realized this and started creating products geared toward helping people make a start on energy conservation -- in the easiest and most time-conscious ways possible.

ThinkEco is an example of a company that's working to help other companies (and soon, individual consumers) make a dent in their energy usage and electric bills.

They were on hand at the recent CES Trade Show to show off their device, the "Modlet." It's a small stand-alone power outlet that plugs directly into a wall outlet, which comes packaged along with a USB transmitter that collects data on energy usage directly from the device via Zigbee - a technology that wirelessly tranfers data.

Appliances and electronics, such as a television or lamp, can be plugged directly into the device, so that its energy consumption can be measured. Once that's done, there's no need to configure any Web portal settings because Modlet automatically starts monitoring the outlet's energy usage and is even able to tell exactly what type of device is plugged into it.

For even more usability, Modlet will start to monitor your energy habits -- for example, what time you turn on the television and what time you turn things off -- and it will start to automatically shut down these devices based on your past schedule. If the Modlet has turned off the electricity on a device and you'd like to use it, simply press the button at the top of the Modlet and the power stream is turned back on.

According to ThinkEco's representatives, the device averages about a 10 percent savings on consumers electricity bills (this is for both individuals and businesses), which is a pretty decent annual savings. The product is priced at $50 and includes the Modlet and the USB receiver.

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