Give Your Butt a Break and Live Longer

sitting at work
sitting at work

Everyone knows that sitting on your butt all day at work can be harmful to your job, but few realize that it can also be harmful to your health.

A new study recently found that it is not just the length of time people spend sitting down that can make a difference, but also the number of breaks that they take while sitting at their desk. Plenty of breaks, even if they are as little as one minute, seem to be good for people's hearts and their waistlines.

Feel free to use this study when attempting to convince your boss that you need more breaks.

The research, published in the European Heart Journal, is the first in a large, multi-ethnic look at the links of the total amount of time spent sitting down and breaks in sedentary time, with various indicators of risk for heart disease, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and inflammatory processes that can play a role in atherosclerosis (blocked arteries).

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