FrontierVille Bess Goals: Everything you need to know

Here Comes Bess

Finally, the time has come to reveal probably the most hyped character in all of FrontierVille's short history: Bess. As it turns out, she's kind of a freeloader. With nowhere to stay, it's up to you to prepare a place for Bess to live for a while... like your Barn! In here very own set of Goals, Bess comes to the homestead after having "her heart broken by a two-timin' rodeo clown." But before you begin working with Bess, Zynga reports that you must have a Barn built already and have started the "Get Ready for a Baby" Goal.

The first Goal, titled simply "Here Comes Bess," is fairly simple. All you need is to have one thousand coins, 20 planks and to move 10 Cows. (Pro tip: Moving the same cow 10 times has the same effect.) If you don't have 20 Planks, you'll have to spend 140 Wood and five thousand coins crafting them in the Covered Wagon. Finish this Goal for a reward of 25 XP and three Cows.

Find out how to complete the rest of Bess' Goals after the break.

Late as Usual
The second Goal in the series, "Late as Usual," is even simpler than the last. Seriously, this shouldn't take more than a minute. Just hire one friend from your Friends List on the bottom half of the screen, buy one Lunch for 165 Food and customize your Barn once. And that's it. For completing this Goal, you'll be 75 XP and 75 coins richer.

The third and final Goal of the series "Sure Beats Wrasslin' Steers fer a Livin'," which is probably true for both Bess and us pioneers. It's in this Goal that we discover something special about Bess: she can help around the homestead. Much like your spouse and kids, Bess is a controllable character that can do chores as well as the rest of them. Well, as far as clicking glowing things goes. But on with the Goal (pictured below).

Sure Beats Wrasslin' Steers for a Livin!
First, give Bess one chore to do--feed the animals, tend the fruit trees or anything, really. Second, sell one Cow and lastly collect 10 Milking Stools, which is business as usual (ask your friends). Finish this Goal for a sweet 75 XP and 25 extra Energy. Alright, Bess might be a freeloader, but at least she works for it. With Valentine's just around the corner and Bess sending this letter before her arrival, expect to see a lot more of her in future events.

[Source and Image Credits: FrontierVille Info and FrontierVille Forums]

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