FarmVille Winter Wonderland Theme Showcase 2 [Video]

If you've enjoyed Zynga's past releases of YouTube videos showcasing items that have yet to be released in FarmVille, you're in luck, as the developer has revealed another showcase video this evening. Appropriately, the video is called "Winter Wonderland Theme Showcase 2" (phew, what a mouthful!), and it shows off a handful of new items that are guaranteed to be coming to the game. The kicker is in when they will actually become available (soon, of course, but the exact date is anyone's guess).

In this video, we can see several items that we gave you a sneak peek of earlier today, like the Bear Fishing item, and the new Totem Pole that will be released in the game. Other items look to really play off of the Winter-theme, with glacier-esque mountain, and even a deep icy ravine. There is also a lovely purple and pink flower planter to take a look at, and if you have yet to complete your Duck Pond (which released in the game yesterday evening), you can see one in action, to get a feel for what your finished Duck Pond will look like on your own farm.

We'll be sure to let you know when these items are released in full to the game, so keep checking back with us.

In the meantime, speculate with us in the comments. How much do you think these items will cost, and when will Zynga make them live in the game? Will any be available for coins, or will they all be Farm Cash items? We'd love to hear your guesses!