FarmVille Sneak Peek: Alaska Home, Visitor Center, Bear Fishing, Bald Eagle & More


Today has been fantastic for those looking for unreleased items in FarmVille. This latest edition of the FarmVille Sneak Peek not only offers us a look at some Alaskan (or perhaps general Winter-themed) buildings, but also some new animals, decorations, and even a clue as to what the next Mystery Game will contain.

As for the new buildings, we see and "Alaska Home," and a "Log Cabin Visitor Center." The names for both of these items seem a bit shaky, and there are no guarantees that that's what they'll actually be called, or if they'll even ultimately be released officially in the game.

There are a few decorative items to speak of as well, like the Bear Fishing item (a bear standing next to a stream, apparently trying to catch a salmon swimming upstream), a Snowy Bridge, a Snowy Tree, and a Totem Pole 2 (not to be confused with the first Totem Pole which was released just a few days ago).

Two unreleased animals are the Bald Eagle and the Eagle Owl, but we're not sure as to whether or not these will be true animals (that is, capable of being harvested for a profit), or whether they'll be "decorative" animals. Regardless, having a Bald Eagle on your farm would simply be awesome, so I'll take the item either way.

Finally, this week's Mystery Game will apparently contain the Siberian Tiger Cub that we brought you a sneak peek of earlier today, as it is the animal pictured in the Mystery Game icon that will apparently be released this week.

As usual, there aren't any other details concerning these items, like their prices (please, Zynga, make some of them for coins) or when they'll officially be released, so keep checking back with us, as we'll make sure you're the first to know when any of these items launch in the game.

What do you think of this wide variety of unreleased items? Will you participate in this week's Mystery Game if it does indeed contain the Siberian Tiger Cub? Let us know in the comments.