FarmVille offers daily rewards for entering game via Facebook bookmark

farmville bookmark rewards
farmville bookmark rewards

FarmVille-maker Zynga really wants to make sure you bookmark this game -- first through the semi-controversial 'Reunite Them' promo that recently started appearing at the top of the game and now, by offering daily rewards for anyone who enters the game using a Facebook bookmark (located on the left hand side of your Facebook page). The rewards are currently all existing items (some more desirable than others) and include the following:

  • Arborists

  • Farmhands

  • Clumsy reindeer

  • Brick

  • Bee

  • Penguin

  • Shovels

  • Fuel

  • Fertilize All

  • Llama

I scored an Arborists when I logged in today -- what did you get? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.