FarmVille Green House Cube: Sorry, it's for iPhone, iPad only

farmville green house cube

Another FarmVille iPhone, iPad-only item hits the market -- a Green House Cube with a rainbow apple tree and a few flowers inside. The Green House Cube costs 25,000 coins (you gain 250 XP when you buy it and earn 1,250 Coins if you decide sell it) and just in case you were wondering if this thing has some other function than just sitting and looking pretty -- well, it doesn't. But, if you're a big fan of the Apple Store that sits in the middle of Manhattan (see pic below), maybe you'll want to give this virtual replica a special spot on your farm.
apple store manhattan

Then again, maybe not. :)

Do you think it's fair that people who play on iOS devices get exclusive FarmVille items? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.
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